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our goal

the farm

This therapeutic farm will consist of:
1) The grounds
2) The Day Centre
a. Programs in outdoor and indoor laboratories (vegetable garden, herbal garden, greenhouse, farm-product-processing laboratory, ceramic and carpentry laboratory, stables for little animals, a small equitation track and horse-assisted therapy).
b. Indoor and outdoor entertainment programs, creative activities, customized sport activities, team play, individual or group educational programs (speech, work, music therapy, psychomotor, etc.) that will be carried out by the farm’s Day Centre for the beneficiaries.


Assisted-living-quarters, eco-friendly constructions, for the accommodation of a certain number of people with autism and their caregivers. The number of the beneficiaries will depend on the capacity of the structure and according to the opinion of its scientific manager.

A creative community

The ultimate goal of the therapeutic farm is the integration of its members in a creative community that will collaborate with the wider community and contribute to it in every way.

The laboratories will be able to offer customized professional training in the aforementioned and related to the farm areas, its products and their promotion to the market.

The number of people who will participate in these workshops and their educational programs will also be determined by the scientific manager of the Day Center, who will also supervise the project.


Colleague description

The farm associates will be divided into 3 sectors according to the needs of the standard educational framework.

1) Scientific mental health colleagues 

Psychiatrist Psychologist - Head of Day Center and program planning Special education professionals - occupational therapist, speech therapist, music therapist, special physical education teachers, drama therapist. Escorts-parallel support for people living in supported living quarters

Nursing Staff


2) Laboratory colleagues
 Agronomist Food and livestock processing technician


3) Farm staff
Secretarial support

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