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our garden

Our vegetable garden in Peanía

The garden in Peanía was granted by a member of the Association for the implementation of a pilot gardening program for the education of our members, in this transitional phase until the creation of the therapeutic farm.
The garden is 750 sqm,
of which:

> 400 sqm are cultivated

> 200 sqm are an entrance-reception area

> 150 sqm are free space

Therapeutic gardening program

Through the gardening program and engagement with the land, our members have the opportunity to be trained in skills necessary for their daily lives. Sensory desensitization & integration, motor design, communication and social interaction, emotional reciprocity, are achieved through the immediacy of nature and the joy of growing fresh, organic vegetables that they offer to their families and society!

Responsible for planning and implementing a gardening program: Maria Liapi - Psychologist


  • Dimitra Eleni, Agronomist special education

  • Giannis Nake, special Trainer

  • Theodora Tsogka, Psychologist

  • Pelagia Savvidi, Social worker-Occupational therapy assistant

  • Evaggelia Tsogka, Agronomist special education

  • Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Philologist special education

  • Giorgos Tsogkas, Gymnast Trainer special education


For information - participation in the gardening program or for organized school visits of a small group of children for integration activities, contact us:

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