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The disorder

The Disorder of the Autistic Spectrum is a developmental disorder that affects multiple aspects of one’s life. The difficulties or the inabilities in communication, social interaction, understanding and expression of emotions and the tenacity in various activities, interests and behaviors, render the autistic’s life different and struggling.
The term “spectrum” also implies not only the variety in features but also the diversity of symptoms among the people with the same diagnosis.
Thus, the programs an autistic person needs to attend are expensive, because they are individualized and combine multiple and different interventions.

Our goal

We would like the “Gi Therapenís” farm, with the contribution of its scientific staff and its educational programs, to be a meeting place for people with or without disabilities, where their love for nature, the environment and man, develops, encourages and motivates them.


When people with autism become adults, many questions arise:
What needs to be done when the teenager turns into an adult and has to change activity standards?
When should he start leaving home?
How does this transition take place?
What suits him?
Can autonomy, companions and discreet presence of parents be combined?
Can education be connected to the social economic network?
Is the combination of customized work and entertainment possible?
Can the community and people with disabilities work together for a mutual cause?
Can we help our children so that they can be happy without us?
Can we grant them a home of happiness, occupation, creativity, dignity and love, securing them forever?

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