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Who are we?

The association

Gi Therapenís is a non-profit and charitable association for people with developmental disorders. It was founded in 2017 by parents and friends of autistic individuals, for the sake of the creation of a therapeutic farm, where adult people with autism can be trained, work under customized circumstances and reside.

The union’s Association Board:

Sophia Michalopoulou: President
Rena Vostani: Vice-president
Vaso Avramea: G. Secretary
Caterina Charou: Cashier
Aggeliki Davari: Member

Initiative-Alternative education

In its design, the farm will include;
Crops of biological products, training laboratories (pottery, carpentry, etc.), product processing, care of small animals, horse-supported therapy and Farmsteads of Assisted Living (ΣΥΔ). It is yet another parental initiative that attempts to cover the immense governmental gap that there is in our country in structures of education and activities of autistic adults, as well as in the provision of accommodation in an autism-adjusted housing. Moreover, it constitutes the first organized attempt to associate this need with ecology, environmental protection and sustainable development.
The association’s goal is to present new, alternative ways of training for autistic individuals, outside of psychiatric practices and institutional help, with respect to their peculiarities, needs and rights.

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